Our Mission

At Yes Way! we believe that when women* do better, we all do better. 

Yes Way! is a community of women-owned businesses and the travelers looking to support them. All the businesses highlighted on this site are not only women-owned, but also meet a high standard of quality. The restaurants are delicious, bakeries cozy and fresh, and stores carefully curated by their fierce female* owners.


Check out the "cities" tab for highlighted women-owned businesses and interactive maps for different locations across the U.S. Yes Way! is growing, so if you're a lady-boss or know an awesome woman who owns her own business, please pass along the word and direct her to our new business form. Yes Way! 

*Note: We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female,” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people.

The Yes Way! Team

Katie Henly, Founder of Yes Way!

Katie Henly, Founder of Yes Way!

Meet Katie, the Yes Way! founder and seeker of the best lady businesses around. Mad with curiosity and driven to explore, Katie is a woman on the go. Her adventures have taken her through the dizzying medinas of Morocco, hiking the arduous Inca Trail, and through the back alleys of America.

Katie founded Yes Way! to not only bring together a network of women business owners in the travel and hospitality industry, but also to challenge herself to put her travel dollars back into the local economy.

Committed to everyday acts of feminism, Katie hopes to empower others to harness the power of their dollar, wherever they may find themselves!


Jennifer Mikolajczyk, Editor at Yes Way!

Jennifer Mikolajczyk, Editor at Yes Way!

Meet Jennifer, the Yes Way! editor extraordinaire. Filled with class and sass, Jennifer is a woman of unbeatable drive with a deep commitment to quality. She has a sharp eye for gender inequities and misplaced commas. 

Jennifer joined the Yes Way! team to make sure the women-owned businesses highlighted on the site are given the grammatical finesse they deserve. Fluent in Spanish and well traveled across our southern border and beyond, she brings a cultured perspectiva to the Yes Way! table.

When she's not grinding away at her ivory tower desk job, you can find Jennifer outside - running, skiing, hiking or strolling through our natural world.