The Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is so much more than tech giants and Danny Tanner. It's always hovering between the temperate seasons of both spring and fall - that perfect sweater weather that you can shed in the afternoon sun. The Bay Area is also home to some of the most unique women-owned businesses around. The tech industry definitely brings the entrepreneurial spirit to the area and the women are a force to be reckoned with.


Miss Ollie's

Chef/owner Sarah Kirnon puts together a fun menu inspired by her upbringing in Barbados. The interior is colorful and gives off a soothing island vibe. You know what's also great? The price and quality are outstanding. Try Miss Ollie's fried chicken and hibiscus cooler. You won't be disappointed.


Mexican food in California is one of my favorite things of all time. Chef/owner Dominica Rice-Cisneros has a resume that makes your mouth water - cooking professionally in the Bay Area, Mexico City and New York for the past 17 years. The food is made from scratch every day, including their tortillas and pastries.   

Crown Nine

Crown Nine is an awesome boutique curated by jewelry designer Kate Ellen. Her motto, "real objects made by real people" says everything you need to know about the shop. All of the products at Crown Nine are made with antique or sustainable materials and crafted by hand by real artists. Beautiful pieces worth investing in.

Local Brewing Co.

Regan Long and Sarah Fenson are the co-founders of this killer brewery in San Francisco. They make small batches of beer built from feedback by their customers. They also pride themselves on beers with flavors you can savor for more than just one pint. Also, Regan has 13 years of homebrew experience and her background is in physics and oceanography, so you can rest assured that the brewmaster at Local Brewing Co. is wicked smart and knows what she is doing.

More amazing women-owned businesses in the Bay Area can be found below: