Wishful at Willful

Be still, my heart. A recent visit to Willful had me wishing I knew about the store before I wrote my Christmas list. This dreamy space in South Minneapolis is filled with organic textures and bright colors that make the heart go pitter-patter. Araya Jensen carefully curates this space with goods made by artists around the world.

Are you notoriously terrible at taking care of plants? Ugh, me too. So what better plant than this little green monster called an air plant? So cute and so easy. These hand dipped air plant vases are stunning.

The hand woven Senegalese baskets are my everything. They are both functional and decorative. I forgot to check if those stumps are for sale, but I say if you're feeling it, get 'em!

Look at these little bowls! So darling. I can see myself using them to keep my rings, or even in the kitchen for loose salt or other spices.



319 West 48th St. 

Minneapolis, MN  55419 

(612) 354-3965