By calling it "The Windy City," they must be referencing all of the amazing women that are blowing people away with their creativity, strength and business prowess. The birth city of Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Shonda Rhimes, Chicago is a magical place producing some seriously powerful women. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, Chicago's neighborhoods are packed with unique restaurants, shops and cafes worth a visit and your travel dollars.    



Chef and Owner, Sarah Grueneberg, has created the perfect restaurant for all occasions. Come alone, on a date or in a group - the staff will make you feel oh-so welcome. Sarah's stylish, yet cozy restaurant serves up some delicious Italian dishes made with global ingredients and cooking methods. All the pastas are handmade daily. As she says, "flour is power!"

Goddess and Grocer

You'll find this gem of a deli/bakery sprinkled around Chicago, including one location at the O'Hare Airport. The Goddess and Grocer, along with Goddess and the Baker, is the vision of Debbie Sharpe, a woman who got her start in the food business by catering to rock stars like Paul McCartney and Billy Joel. If she's good enough to feed Beyoncé, she's good enough to feed you! 


Tucked away in the charming Boystown neighborhood, Inkling is the perfect stop for creative greeting cards, local art, small gifts and Chicago-themed paraphernalia. Stephanie Keller does a wondrous job curating her store with charming gifts and unique art made by local artisans. The small shop is packed with surprises - well worth a visit when trotting down Broadway street as a tourist or a local. 

First Slice Pie Cafe

Indulging in a perfect slice of pie is satisfying, yes - but add in the fact that you are supporting an amazing charity to help feed the needy in Chicago... it's even better! Mary Ellen Diaz's First Slice tagline says it all - "Guilty pleasure with a side of good deed!" Yes Way, Mary Ellen!


Just down the street from Second City, Kamehachi is a great place to grab a bite to eat before a show in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood. The restaurant is family-run by three generations of women; Mrs. Marion Konishi opened the restaurant back in 1967 and it is now run by her daughter, Sharon Perazzoli, and granddaughter, Giulia Sindler. They also have two locations downtown if you aren't catching a show in Old Town!

More amazing women-owned businesses in Chicago can be found below: