Bring on all the organic, vegan, gluten-free, raw, locally sourced, dairy-free, fair trade, non GMO goodies that are baked, brewed, made and sold in this pacific northwest gem. Portland is filled with incredible women-owned businesses that speak to the strength of the fierce female community. If "keeping Portland weird" means keeping these women-owned businesses booming in all their glory, than yes, let's Keep Portland Weird!



Jami Curl is the founder and candy creator for this petite candy store nestled in the Union Way shopping alley. Quin's candies are made from real ingredients, including Oregon-grown fruit and house-made coffee from locally roasted beans. She also sells something called Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy and I would like some right now, kthanks.



This clothing boutique is so Portland I want to book my flight right now. Owners Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley say it best: "We are a band of thieves, modern-day female Robin Hoods raiding men's closets and maniacally dispensing blazers, cardigans, wingtips and bowlers as we roam from town to town in these stolen styles of ours....We're here to liberate menswear one bowtie at a time and we're doing it ourselves because we want it done right." Yes Way, Wildfang! Yes Way!

Bazi Bierbrasserie

Portland is known for their booming beer scene and Hilda Stevens knows what's up. She created an incredible Belgian beer bar combining a European vibe mixed with an American sports bar. Bazi's doesn't just sell beer - they have a full bar and wine as well. Hilda is one of many other female leaders in the beer industry in Portland.


Laurtetta Jean's

Kate McMillen's pie shop has not one, but two locations in Portland - a testament to her delicious baked goods. Lauretta Jean's is named after Kate's grandmother, the woman who taught her everything that makes her an expert pie maker. Lauretta Jean's serves pies (obvi), but also has a great breakfast and brunch menu. There's also something called a "Biscuit Board" which includes 4 (yes, f-o-u-r!) different spreads.



Karen Pride and Brittney Galloway, are the duo behind a trio of restaurants in Portland priding themselves on their "fresh, conscious cuisine." The menu options are primarily gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian. Prasad has two locations and they also run another restaurant called Harlow. For the health-conscious, these three places will be your jam!

More amazing women-owned businesses in the Portland area can be found below: