Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities, are filled with bad-ass lady businesses. The frigid temperatures shouldn't keep you away from exploring this gem in the Midwest. The Twin Cities are the home of Yes Way! and these businesses keep us fueled and inspired. A wonderful place to thrive, and an even better place to come home to after our travels.


Empire Coffee + Pastry

Sisters Chrissy and Amy Kelsch are the owners of this perfect coffee and pastry shop. All hail their chocolate croissant, warmed to perfection in a magic oven by their friendly baristas. Beautifully designed in a minimalist style. With a cute location in NE Minneapolis, Empire Coffee + Pastry is a go-to stop for your neighborhood cup of joe or afternoon quiet time.


Glam Doll Donuts

Teresa Fox and Arwyn Birch are two glamorous donut makers bring a fantasyland to two locations in Minneapolis. Glam Doll Donuts has creative flavors, a mac-and-cheese donut (!!) and their NE location now offers donut/beer pairings - Yes Way! Teresa and Arwyn have created an iconic Minneapolis location and inspired so many other women business owners with their entrepreneurial spirit and grit. Read more about their story here.

Urban Growler

The Twin Cities are filled with breweries, and Urban Growler is the first woman-owned microbrewery in Minnesota. Rock on, Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak! Their mission is to make craft beer more approachable to everyone, especially women.

Rise Bagel Co.

Jen & Kate Lloyd, sisters and self-proclaimed “bread heads,” have had a love affair with bagels from an early age. Inspired by their struggle to find a bagel they admired locally,  they went on a mission. Traveling from the bagel meccas of New York City and Montreal to San Francisco, they taste tested and learned from the very best—all in an effort to develop a unique recipe that pays homage to old-world-style bagels. Rise Bagel will solve all your gluten needs.

Young Joni

A new level of ecstasy was reached when I took my first bite of Young Joni’s Korean BBQ pizza. Created by James Beard Award-nominated Chef/Owner Ann Kim, her restaurant is your ideal mix of energy,  coziness, and seriously delicious eats. She also owns two other restaurants in Minneapolis: Hello Pizza and Pizzeria Lola. Ann is killing the restaurant game over here.

More amazing women-owned businesses in the Twin Cities can be found below: